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At   The   Beginning   Of  1970  European  Type  Of  Breads  Were   Included   With  Food  Of  Few   Percentage  Of Tehran  Population  As  Well  As  Foreigners   Who   Were  Residence  In   Tehran
.At  That  Time  A Few  Bakery  Shops  Using  Foreign   Bakery  Machines  Were  Established  In   Tehran 
Before   Manufacturing   European  Breads  ,  Some  White  Sandwich  Breads  Were  Produced  By   Local  Bakeries
.Using  Clothes   And   Boards  Fermentation  Method 
At   1965  Morshedi  Machine  Mfg .   Started     Producing   Bakery   Machines    And  Offered  First   Local  Dough 
. Molding  Machine   To  Local  Market   For  Molding  White  Sandwich  Breads 
.At   Second  Step   Bread  Slicer  Machine   Was  Offered  To  The  Market  
By  Starting   To  Manufacture   Bakery  Machines   In  Local , Gradually   Import  Amount  Of  Same  Machines
 Were   Decreased .  Within   10  Years  Passed  From   Date   Of  Using   European   Breads   ,  Local   Market Demand Was   Increased  .   By    Starting   Iran – Iraq   War ,  Market   Demand   Of    European  Breads  Were    . Upgrade   To   Considerable  quantities as  well . At   1982  Which  American  Made  Sanction   Against   Iran ,   Morshedi  Machine   Manufacturing    Promoted   Their  
Activities  And  Started  Design  Of  Artisan   Bakery  Machines  And  Offering  Same   To    Local  Market 
From  1982  Up  To  1990  Following   Bakery  Machines   Comply   With  Internal   And  International   Standards
Designed   And  Offered  To  The  Market   
A – Series   Of   Deck  Ovens   Consist  Of  Two  Model  Including  Suitable  Heating  Chambers   And   Relevant              Equipment 
B – Series   Of  Rotary  Ovens  Consist  Of  3  Models  Suitable  For  Baking  Breads  And  Pastry    
C -   Suitable  Heating   Chamber  Including    Truleis  For   Dough   Fermentation  Process     
D- Automatic   Dough  Processing   And  Dough  Sheeting   Line  Suitable  For  Bakery   
E – Improvement   Of  Dough  Molders  And   Bread   Slicer  Machine  
Since 1990  We  Started  Exporting  Our   Bakery  Machines  To  Cis . African   And  Neighbor  Countries     
At  1987  Morshed  Gohar    Machine   Manufacturing   Company  ( Private  Joint   Stock ) Was  Registered   
In  Tehran    Iran.  Since  The  Year  Activities  Of  Morshedi  Machine   Manufacturing  Limited  To  Sales   
Installation  And  Arranging   After  Sale  Services   
t   2005 Comply  With  Governmental    Policy , Morshed  Gohar  Machine  Manufacturing  Company   Started    To 
 Design  And   Supply    Industrial  Bakery   Lines  And   Offered  Them  To  Local  Market  
Actually ,   Activities   Of  Our  Company  Can  Be  Classified In  3  Categories   
A – During  First  Decade   Of  Our  Activities ,  We  Equipped  Local   Bakery  Shops  With  Artisan  Bakery  Lines   
B- During  Second  Decade  Of  Our   Activities  In   Addition  Of  Protecting   Our  Local  Market  Share  , We  Focused   
.   To  Export  Our  Bakery  Lines  To  Cis , African , Iraq , Afghanistan  And   Other  Neigh Our  Countries  



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